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Celtic Necklaces

Our beautiful, contemporary and Celtic inspired necklaces, add a flourish to just about any outfit.
The elegant, understated and ornate design of our necklace collection showcases the very best of Irish artistry.
Our charming pieces are inspired by ancient Celtic designs that are rich in context and storytelling.
Irish legends and myths are conveyed within the subtle detailing and century-old shapes and designs of our pieces.
Made from the highest quality silver, our necklace collection combines the ornate patterns and shapes of ancient Irish art with contemporary design sensibilities.
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Symbolism of Our Necklaces

St. Brigid’s Cross

This cross likely pre-dates Christianity in Ireland. The goddess Brigid was part of the Tuatha De Danann – a supernatural tribe in Irish mythology. The shape is thought to have been adapted into a Christen symbol after Ireland converted to Christianity.  The Christen story tells of St. Brigid weaving the cross on the deathbed of a pagan lord who converted to Christianity before his death.

The Celtic Cross

While certainly a Christen symbol, the Celtic cross has roots in pagan Ireland. Some believe the circle represents the sun, while the arms of the cross represent the times of the day or the seasons of the year.
The Celtic cross is one of Ireland’s oldest and most cherished symbols.

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