Made from superb high-quality Silver, our carefully selected Celtic Jewellery collection is imbued with the intricate, elegant and timeless symbols of ancient Ireland.
Tales, fables and myths are interwoven into the design of each and every piece.
Ancient love stories, tragic ballads and tales of heroic warriors are celebrated in the beautiful, intricate shapes and patterns that make our necklaces and earrings so special.
Our expert team of jewellers can illuminate the hidden history of these designs, giving context to the illustrious Irish traditions these symbols represent. 

Our carefully selected range of earrings and necklaces celebrates Ireland’s rich historical heritage while being beautiful statement pieces in their own right. 

Unlock the secrets of ancient Ireland through our stunning collection of Celtic Jewellery. Visit our online store today.

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Celtic Ear Rings

Our stunning collections of Celtic art inspired earrings are crafted from quality silver. We offer pieces featuring iconic Irish iconography along with ear rings featuring some lesser known designs.


Celtic Necklaces

FCR Jewellery's statement necklaces are beautiful, elegant and stylish. Carved with intricate ancient patterns and designs that are rich in meaning and context, our necklaces celebrate Ireland’s rich ancient history.


Learn about the hidden history imbued in the ancient Celtic Symbols that decorate our authentic Irish jewellery. Get in contact with us today.